From the year 1350 until 1767 the administrative capital of the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) was Ayutthaya.


After Ayutthaya was razed and destroyed by a Burmese army, King Rama I moved the capital 85kms to the south to the Chao Phraya River Delta, where there was already a well established trading port.


Goods were easily transported along the Chao Phraya and its elaborate network of canals giving the city the moniker of  ‘Venice of the East.’


In Thai it is known as Krung Thep but to the rest of the world it is Bangkok.



The steamy capital is a feast for the senses with over 30 Michelin starred restaurants along side some of the best street food on the planet. There are extravagant hotels that tower over tin shack shanty towns, high end shopping plazas and labyrinth markets.

Immerse yourself in the frenetic nightlife or a Muay Thai boxing fight. Escape into an ancient temple or have your worries expertly massaged into oblivion.


20 million plus annual visitors and 10 million permanent residents navigate the chaotic streets by metro, taxi, tuk tuk and boat.


Bangkok is currently the worlds most visited city ahead of London and Paris and it leaves nothing to the imagination.










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