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The Author


I’m Benjamin Devitt a.k.a Benny D. Creative Director and editor in chief of this collection of ramblings.





Hi, I’m Beni

When I find a few bucks in my pocket there always seems to be some magical place that wriggles its way into my consciousness and haunts me until I go. I’ve worked at golf courses and ski towns, factories and farms, in mines and on boats, in restaurants and resorts, bungee towers and  construction sites.

Generally there is a plan but I’ve got a habit of just turning up with minimal preparation and taking my sweet time to smell the roses along the way. I was once told I take an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.

I love the serendipities that can happen when you throw yourself into something new because comfort and familiarity do not equal growth. Going on any kind of journey is a great way to break down barriers of exclusivity and in learning about others, learn about yourself. Without travel I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.

It’s a beautiful planet out there and this is just my perspective.

Hiking the Annapurna
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