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This Site


What is this website about?


Elephants Atlas is a collection of engaging stories and unique photographs with links to short videos, about my wanderings around this little kindergarten we call planet earth.

Through written and visual storytelling I hope to inspire you to re-frame your interpretation of places that interest you. Elephants Atlas is not a travel guide so I’ll try not to bore you with prices and timetables or a what to pack list. Do you really need to be reminded to pack your swim suit and a toothbrush if you’re going to Thailand?

I’ll try not to sugar coat the crazy shit that can happen on the road either. Crazy = interesting.

I’d rather try and give you a general impression of a destination through my personal perspective. Its not fact or fiction, just a few yarns influenced by my emotional connection to the people and places I encounter.

Please enjoy my curious anecdotes- some funny, some wild, all true.



An Unnecessary Disclaimer


All the stories that appear on this site are inspired by actual events. However some of the characters and incidents portrayed and some of the the names herein are fictitious and with respect to such characters and incidents, any similarity to the name, character or history of any person, living or dead, or any actual event is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

In other words, if its you I’m writing about – don’t tell anyone and neither will I.


However, if you would like to thank me for painting you in a favourable light, have any questions or would like to collaborate on an epic project, please shoot me an email by hitting the little blue envelope below.




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