Stoney Creek- Far North Queensland

Stoney Creek- Far North Queensland



Tropical Far North Queensland has two distinct seasons that can be called wet and dry. Local indigenous culture breaks these seasons down even further with no fixed start or finish dates. Just acknowledgement of typical weather patterns.


During the dry and sunny season from May to November the spectacular and scarcely populated beaches are the perfect place to visit.


But during the hot humid months between November and May the sea accommodates deadly marine stingers and the crocodile population is much more active. Plus the ocean water temperature is as warm as a bath.


During these months the creeks and rivers inland of Cairns swell with the rains of the tropical monsoon and this is when the region receives most of its 2000mm(79 inches) plus of annual rainfall.

The rainforest comes alive and locals flock to swimming holes with refreshing waterfalls like this one.


If you are driving north of Cairns towards Smithfield on the Western Arterial road, turn left onto Stoney Creek road and follow it to the end. Walk the Garndal Garndal weir track and explore this tranquil local gem.

Stoney Map

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