The Philippines on Film

The Philippines on Film

Manila was tough, not least because it’s big and dirty and hard to get around. For the first time in a long time my brother and I were in just each others company and in a foreign land. Issues began to arise.  When you are travelling with someone and your opinions on certain topics differ, there is nowhere to hide.

Life can be tough when someone close to you feels strong negative emotion but it’s how you react that determines what direction the future will take. Our frosty beginning began to slowly dissipate the further we managed to get away from the hard city. Compensation and acclimatisation was the order of the day.

 As we made it down to the islands even I struggled to adjust to the snails pace of life.

But eventually we surrendered all of our expectations and grievances. About each other and about this strange land. We tread unfamiliar terrain and came out better for it. We found peace and tranquillity in a tiny village and in each others company.

The same can’t be said for the poor inhabitants of the sleepy little hamlet who had to listen to us drunkenly belt out 90’s rock classics on the karaoke machine.


 This is what it looked like.


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